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Life Coaching Testimonial
Fox5 News Maria Arcega-Dunn


Comments from Maria about Chris'
ability & power as a life coach
"Chris will change you & how you approach all aspects of your life… whether it is your personal life, business, or inner-self, you will see change for the better!

He is a professional life coach who can inspire, is kind-hearted, and serves as a wonderful guide. His ability to listen and understand the nuances of one’s life is extremely important when you’re trying to determine what is an obstacle in your life and how you can overcome it. 

Through Chris, you will find yourself able to connect with other amazing people. He is a coach that truly cares about people. Meeting with Christopher is your first step to making changes and extremely well worth the time and investment."
Maria Arcega-Dunn
Fox5 News San Diego
Anchor / Reporter
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Life Coaching Specialist in San Diego

"Live each day as if it's your last, if it isn't, let's do it again!!!"

My philosophy on life and coaching you!
I believe we all want to be happy.  We want to accomplish goals in life, overcome challenges, and make the most of the life we have been given. However we live in an imperfect world full of imperfect people. That naturally creates  challenges for us. Not only those external forces but our own imperfection. We are challenged with a variety of things in life. Our profession, our family, friends, health, the life we presently have, and circumstances beyond our control. Then we have our own tendencies to do and act based on our own life experience.  And in this imperfect world sometimes we need help to adjust, refocus, create a plan, and execute the plan in hopes of making our way and being happy.

"Live each day as if it's your last!"


Even the greatest of athletes have coaches. Why? Because although they have the skill set to be amazing at the sport they play, they still need motivation, reminders, adjustments, and ways to be better!! And that's just at their sport! Imagine what challenges they have personally too! Likewise, we may be brilliant at so many things, but just one area of our life can seem to derail our best intentions at success!!  It could be looking at our work and life balance, achieving a personal goal in fitness, working on a personal relationship, achieving greater things in our career, getting through a very tough life event or whatever it is that's important to you. It is also about changing our thinking and behaviors to create greater success and happiness.

"Where there is a will, there is a way!"

What do you want to accomplish? And what possibly is in your way to achieve it? There are many areas of our life that we do really well in. But maybe there is an area that we need a coach. My goal is to understand you, know what your goal is, devise a plan to accomplish it, regularly communicate to ensure progress, make adjustments as necessary and finally reach the finish line of your goal!!  I will help you with your best interests always being paramount. Your happiness and personal success is my number one priority!! I believe in empowering you to achieve what you desire!!! Let's get started!!
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 Christopher Lycett

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Empowering you to Achieve!



"Live each day as if it's your last......if it isn't, let's do it again!"



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Specialty Life Coach Services

There are many areas of our life that could fall under these categories, and there may be something that isn't listed. By reaching out to me, we can discuss your specific needs and see what is the best plan of action!!
Review each of the 10 Sections below
Personal Relationships Self Image Physical Wellness Financial Wellness Parent-Child Relationships
Grief Counseling Professional Goals Professional Relationships Balancing Life Spiritual Enlightenment
Personal relationships
In my experience all relationships go through ebbs and flows. In other words, ups and downs due to our imperfect tendencies. These bumps in the road with others could be temporary or long term depending on how severe the strain is and what happened to cause it. Regardless, if we care about someone, it deserves our attention.
Self Image Consultant
In this ever changing world, impressions can leave lasting opinions of us. Whether in the workplace, social media, social circles, professional groups, we may need to readjust how we present ourselves. Socially or professionally this can be done so that you can thrive in your environment.

Physical wellness
Our health in many ways means the world to us. It means enjoying more of life and living longer with those we love. But making the right choices isn't always easy. And sometimes our habits create roadblocks to those goals and healthy lifestyle.

I can show you how to change that and develop healthy habits every day and build the strength within to make it a new healthy lifestyle. That may involve physical fitness goals and/or dietary goals and changes.
Financial wellness
Our ability to enjoy life is greatly reliant on our ability to handle our finances, set goals, create disciplines, and stick to it. I can help you figure out what needs to be done to help you reach your goals.

Or give you some ideas, advice, and things to think about if you are making a major decision. Either way, having a financial plan is part of having a happy life and enjoying it.

Parent-child relationship challenges
We have all been there.  Children are growing rapidly in a society that is forever changing and not always for the good.
We are impacted by so many outside influences and so are our children. This could mean severe influence that affects our relationship with them.
As parents we too are impacted and affected by outside influences that may not be healthy to our relationship with our children.
And sometimes it's just figuring out how we can have a healthy loving relationship with our children and parents despite our imperfections. It is very attainable.
Life events (divorce, separation, death)
This area of our life can be the most deeply impactful event we can ever experience other than having a child. And it may be other life events other than what I mentioned such as loss of work, or other significant loss personally. And it usually comes with a significant amount of pain, emotionally and physically.

These life events have a huge impact on our physiology, our figurative hearts, and our psyche. Coping with them and being brutally honest about our feelings is step one. Creating a plan to overcome these negative events is step 2. And it is the difference between living and continuing to enjoy life or not. I will work with you closely on these areas so that you are able to cope, live and thrive despite them!!


Professional goals
Our ability to work and live and grow professionally is a very important part of feeling fulfilled and living our life successfully.

We all need goals to advance and feed our need for fulfillment. 

Sometimes we have mental blocks in how to do this, not sure of what strategies to employ, or how to create a plan. I will help you with this.
Professional image and relationships
Working with others is part of life. But working with others in difficult surroundings or circumstances is another. Everyone is different and when it comes to working with others in a diplomatic way, sometimes we have roadblocks.

Also changing or adjusting our professional image can have a significantly positive effect on how others treat you. We will create a plan so that you are perceived in a professional light and overcome any challenges in that arena.

Work, school, life balance
We all have secular goals to meet. It brings us happiness. At other times, we end up being sucked into this system of ACHIEVE AT ALL COST.  I don't think that is a healthy approach to life. I believe we need balance. Why? Because while we give our all to our careers, we fail to enjoy life, and we fail to really love those who are in our life.

Our children, siblings, relatives and friends were given to us as a gift. Having balance in life allows us to enjoy that gift. We also deserve to spend time enjoying this beautiful earth. We will talk about ways to ensure that your life is BALANCED.
Spiritual goals or enlightenment
This is an area of our life that not everyone can relate to. Whether we grew up without spirituality or religion or culturally it wasn't part of growing up.

Either way at some point in our life we may decide that we need to recommit to a level of spirituality or explore how spirituality can enrich our lives. Although this is not for everyone, it can bring happiness, fulfillment, and rewards into our life.


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